Monday, March 11, 2013

Ice on the Dune

New teaser video for the Empire of the Sun album, Ice on the Dune, to be released in June. This is going to be the duo's second album. Their first album, Walking on a Dream, came out in 2008, so this new album is definitely past due. Can't wait!


  1. It's fucking great! I love them! This is something huge. I can't wait for the album right now!
    Few weeks left for the release and I have to say this excitement is growing in me, bit by bit.
    Love the way they travelling all around the world, showing the most beautiful places in the world like a pilgrimage. For the haters: don't you feel this energy, this magic, this fantasy? C'mon, how could you dislike this? It's fresh, it's cool, it's about hope, love, faith and peace.
    With Empire Of The Sun it's summer every day! Awesome! xX


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